Why is SCOREGETTER the best place to do IELTS ?

If you are planning to attempt the IELTS exam and have set your mind to clear it in the first attempt and that your plans get materialized, then you must choose to join ScoreGetter for your IELTS Training Classes. At ScoreGetter high getting a high score on the IELTS is never a distant reality but achievable. We don’t speak much about ourselves and we let the IELTS scores do the talking for us.

At ScoreGetter IELTS Coaching is approached with proper strategies. We understand that every student’s level of English and understanding is different. Focus is given equally to all the candidates along with personal attention.  We realize that a good IELT Score can make a huge difference in one life and lays the foundation for a bright future abroad.


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IELTS Strategies at ScoreGetter?

At ScoreGetter, the IELTS training Chennai is imparted in an every changing strategy. We do not stick to the same strategy and continuously evolve and stay in sync with the current exam pattern and technology. ScoreGetter is very proud to have trained over ten thousand student on the IELTS both IELTS Academic and General put together.

Every student who enrolls get to learn

·         Unique IELTS Essay strategies

·         Greater emphasis on pronunciation on Speaking section

·         Extra focus on listening with emphasis on taking pointers

·         Access to IELTS mock test conducted every week.

·         Special attention on weaker areas

·         Tips on how to eliminate careless errors.  

As a result of the result oriented techniques and strategies ScoreGetter is one of the most successful IELTS coaching centers with the highest success rate of 7 band score on the IELTS Examination. Our approach is unique and hugely successful in tackling the reading, writing, listening and speaking sections on the IELTS.

All classes are monitored by the expert trainers who are TESOL certified and have incomparable teaching experience.


The classes are held in a “Cyclic” fashion. This is a unique concept we Endeavour to practice at SCOREGETTER. This means that a student can start off at any topic on any day and complete the course at the end of their cycle which is student friendly. Though we insist and recommend that students are regular to class and run through their cycle in one shot, we, at SCOREGETTER, understand that emergencies could occur necessitating a break in the cycle. Our counselors are aware of this aspect and in genuine cases the student can join in the next cycle based on mutual understanding.

Unlike other institutions, we do not penalize you for missing classes, provided the reasons are genuine and valid.

Encouraged by excellent feedback from students, we are confident that our course works. In fact, so confident that at SCOREGETTER we do something which other institutions may shudder even to think about. To demonstrate the student friendly nature of SCOREGETTER IELTS COURSE COMES WITH A SIX MONTHS VALIDITY. This means that any student taking the course can avail of the unparalleled expertise on a repeat basis. To guarantee student excellence, the repeat course is absolutely FREE.

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ScoreGetter Advantage?

ScoreGetter is one of the first few centers to have offered IELTS training to the aspiring candidates in Chennai. Over the last 17 years we have pioneered the IELTS training division and have become the first choice for candidates looking for an IELTS coaching in Chennai. Get timely and the most accurate information on the IELTS from our well experience faculties. ScoreGetter ensures your success in the IELTS examination and the IELTS Score in turn will ensures that your career goal is met.


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